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Secure data

We destroy your user data when you recycle with StRUT.

Our Policy and Procedures for Data Destruction:

1) Any HDD or SSD located inside desktop Computers are removed 

2) HDD and SSD assessed for re-use or recycle.
    a) Drives for Recycle
        i) Any drive already labeled “bad” 
        ii) Any drive too small for reuse
        iii) Any drive which is not compatible with other re-use hardware
        iv) Any drive designated by the donor as not potential for re-use
        v) Any drive with physical defects or which is not recognized as a functional drive 
    b) Drives for Re-Use
        i) Any drive not eliminated by the criteria above
        ii) Drives are placed in queue for data wiping
        iii) Drives in queue are placed in locking rack inside our warehouse which is opened only during data destruction operation and always locked after hours.

3) For laptops which have functioning drive installed, data destruction is performed by booting to Killdisk (USB or CD) and wiping to US DoD standards and best practices under the NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitation.

4) Drives in the queue which are received already removed from a computer, or removed from the computer by our staff, are wiped by triple pass of re-write data using Killdisk or using the Kanguru Clone 4HD. Each method achieves US DoD standards and best practices under the NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitation.

5) As of 08/14/2013 our facility is capable of performing data destruction:
    a) up to 6 drives to be wiped simultaneously using Killdisk software 
    b) up to 4 drives simultaneously using the Kanguru hardware. 

6) Wiped drives are verified prior to storage prior to allocation to member organization

7) Drives designated for recycle are physically destroyed by punching/drilling a hole through the case and data platters. This renders the data storage media warped and unbalanced for data retrieval per the best practices set forth by the NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitation.

All of our data destruction procedures triple write over every sector of the HDD to ensure that no previous data is recoverable.

Certificate of Destruction
In some situations, donors will request a Certificate of Destruction, which StRUT will gladly supply.