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StRUT welcomes new Program Manager

Friends, Members, Donors…..Lend me your ears.

It’s Summer time for StRUT and big things are in the works.  We are welcoming a new Program Manager to our team.  Steve King joined StRUT at the beginning of July and has hit the ground running. 

StRUT:  Steve, welcome to StRUT!  How are things going so far?

Steve: Thank you.  I’m really excited to be working with StRUT to help our donors find a responsible source for the re-use and recycling of their used technology and help our members expand their technology offerings for students. 

StRUT:  It’s only been a few weeks since you started at StRUT, but what is happening with the program this Summer. 

Steve:  I’m feeling charged up about the possibilities here at StRUT.  We’ve been working on a bit of house cleaning here at the Petersburg School – AKA StRUT Headquarters.  There’s a lot to process as I get up to speed.  Our business and public donors have kept us well supplied with re-usable and recyclable technology this summer.  Our warehouse manager, Mike Schugt, and his right hand man, Miles Galbreath, have been churning through each and every donation to log, track, and process them.  I’ve spent some time helping out on donation pick up and learning the ins and outs of how to sort donations for re-use or recycle.  Just like a volunteer who is new to StRUT, I’m learning the ropes at the break down tables and turning used computers into circuit boards, heat sinks, power supplies, wires, etc., that can be sold to our recycling partners.  I’d say I’m getting pretty fast and efficient in there.

StRUT:  I’m not sure “pretty”, “fast”, or “efficient” are the right words…How about “improving”?

Steve:  Well, at least that’s headed in the right direction.  In fact, that’s the direction we want the whole program of StRUT heading.  I’m reaching out to our Donors to determine how we can be better partners and using their feedback to develop new donor relations with companies and organizations that haven’t been donors in the past.  We’re currently reviewing our Recycling Partners to ensure that StRUT is getting maximum value for our recycled commodities and that they are being handled by reputable vendors all the way through the recycling process.  As the summer winds down, our Members should expect to hear more from me as well.  I want to find out what your hopes and dreams are for StRUT and how I can best help StRUT help you. 

StRUT:  It sounds like lots of changes are in the works, what can members expect for the future?

Steve:  I don’t think that members should anticipate any major changes right away.  Our Fall conference will be a great opportunity for members to share their ideas with me and their successes with each other.  We hope to have a good turn out of current and prospective members, along with representatives from our donors and recyclers.  We’re making sure that the technology we are refurbishing for our schools is technology they can use and organizing StRUT so it can have a firm foundation for sustainability for years to come.