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Our History

Present Day StRUT

In 2012, The Mid-Columbia Council of Governments (MCCOG) adopted StRUT. They clearly saw the importance of maintaining the StRUT program and the void it would leave in the community.

Since moving the program to The Dalles, StRUT has distributed over 10,000 computers to Oregon schools, and has diverted over 900,000 TONS of E-Waste from entering Oregon landfills. StRUT maintains a close relationship with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and has been the recipient of two of their capacity building grants.

Oregon StRUT: 2003 to 2012 

The Columbia Gorge Education Service District, and their component school districts,partnering with Oregon Intel, gave this invaluable program a new life in The Dalles, Oregon after the Portland-based Oregon StRUT program suddenly closed its doors that year due to budgetary shortfalls. StRUT flourished under the ESD until 2012 when the ESD announced that recycling revenues were once again critically low for the self- sustaining program and suspended operations indefinitely. StRUT saved the program with a recycling drive that raised $28,000 in revenues and began to look for a long term solution.