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Membership Enrollment

StRUT Member Schools save money on much needed equipment.  Donations from corporations, individuals, and organizations that support StRUT provide quality computers and technology devices to member schools.  StRUT computers can make up the bulk of the technology that a school has available for students and faculty or supplement the school's technology offering.  StRUT students participate in becoming part of the solution to our growing e-waste problem while saving energy and resources.  Every time a student cracks open a computer case to see what is happening inside the potential is there to expand their understanding of how technology is designed and engineered and grow their curiosity for how it works.  

StRUT members pay an annual membership fee ($500 or $750) based on their student population. They then receive an allocation of donated desktop computers, laptops, peripherals, books and additional equipment each year.  When the StRUT devices reach the end of their useful life in the classroom they are returned to StRUT for responsible recycling.  

StRUT offers technological staff development and support to educators and holds semi-annual conferences for additional collaboration opportunities.

If your school or district would like to sign up for the 2014-2015 school year please click the link to our membership enrollment form below, to download.  Complete the enrollment form and send a quality scan to  First time Membership if $500 for schools up to 500 students, and $750 for schools with more than 500 students.  Please include invoicing instructions, or have the payment sent to the address below -OR- Simply mail the completed form and payment to:
StRUT's billing address:
1113 Kelly Ave
The Dalles, Oregon 97508
Steve King,
Jul 21, 2014, 3:40 PM