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Students can enroll in a structured environment with an instructor in the classroom to teach troubleshooting techniques for hardware maintenance and repair. The classes currently being offered at StRUT include Intro to Computer Components and Beginning to Advanced Intro to A+.

Refurbishing Computer Curriculum Overview (Beginner Course) .This is a hands-on class where students will refurbish a donated computer, which can then be checked-out to schools. At the end of a computer’s life-cycle, the member school will return the computer to StRUT for proper recycling.

Introduction: This field trip is intended for students (and teachers) that want to learn more about how to refurbish computers, laptops, and other mobile devices in an effort to help develop critical thinking skills and the confidence needed to pursue a career in information technology.
  1. Explanation of the motherboard and system bus
  2. Adding Random Access Memory (RAM)
  3. Video and other I/O cards
  4. Installing hard drive - Connecting power and data cable
  5. Installing operating system (OS)
  6. At the end of the class, students will provide a presentation to their class about what skills they learned, and demonstrate the computer they refurbished.