Why your school should join StRUT...
There are numerous benefits from your school becoming involved in StRUT!
  • Hardware for your classroom - Computers, printers, LCD monitors, laptops and more!
  • Two annual StRUT conferences - Staff-development, curriculum sharing, opportunity to meet StRUT's sponsors, and an opportunity to take equipment back to your schools
  • Hands-on learning opportunities during student field trips - Your students will learn about the various hardware components inside a computer
  • Proper e-waste recycling of your school's computers and other electronics - StRUT receives consistent praise from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for our best practices
  • Access to member file sharing - You will receive regular updates from StRUT and have the opportunity to connect with your peers from around OR and SW-Washington
  • Help provide a second life for used technology and a responsible pathway for re-use and recycling
Is your school ready to join?  If your school or district would like to sign up please click the link to our membership enrollment form below, to download.  Complete the enrollment form and send a quality scan to info@strut.org.  Membership of $500 for schools up to 500 students and $750 for schools with more than 500 students.  Please include invoicing instructions, or have the payment sent to the address below -OR- Simply mail the completed form and payment to:
StRUT's billing address:
1113 Kelly Ave
The Dalles, Oregon 97508

Steve King,
Aug 19, 2015, 2:26 PM