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Re-useable Donations

Re-useable donations are items that the schools can use in their classroom.

StRUT prepares computers for reuse which comply with Smarter Balanced New Hardware Purchasing Guidelines.  Many of the donations we receive have a lot of life left.  If the specs of a device look good, we open the case and check for physical damage and ensure that enough RAM is installed for the computer to perform.  We try to ensure that each computer which will be loaned out to our members has an adequate hard drive.  Currently all of the hard drives we have available for computers are previously used.  StRUT has wiped the drives clean of any previous user data.  Donating your hard drive with your computer allows us to provide a complete and functioning computer to our members.  

Computers are used within the member schools for computer labs, testing, and general educational purposes.  Every item donated to StRUT is slated to be recycled eventually.  When our member schools are through with it, it comes back here to be responsibly recycled.  

We take all sorts of technology donations no matter how big or small.

Anyone can come by our facility Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 5:00 and drop off items they would like to donate.  The Dalles Habitat for Humanity Re-Store have generously offered to act as a StRUT collection site for small donations closer in town.  

If your donations exceed what will fit into a car or truck, StRUT will work with you to schedule a pick up.  If you can't make it to The Dalles to donate, hang tight, we're working on drop off locations in Hood River, the Portland Metro Area, and maybe close to you!

Large Donations

If your business or organization would like to donate items to the program you can drop your donation off during business hours.  Please call ahead for large donations 541-296-2630 to arrange a drop-off time when we are sure to be available.  You can also call us to arrange a pick up at your location or schedule a pick up online.