Revenue from recycling provides the majority of our funding and helps us keep the doors open.  We are often asked whether or not we take "old" computers or broken technology items.  The answer is YES!  Most of the technology that makes it's way to StRUT has seen the end of it's useful time for it's original intended purpose.  Any items which can not be repurposed are disassembled into marketable components and sold to local reputable recycling firms.  Along the way, disassembling computers and servers provides a great hands on experience for our school groups to come to our facility and learn what goes into a computer by taking them apart.  

By helping StRUT with your donations you’re becoming part of an e-waste solution that provides benefits on (at least) 3 fronts.   You can rest assured that your hardware is responsibly recycled through our local channels ensuring that your e-waste never ends up in a landfill.  Re-usable devices provide a much needed lift to technology offerings in our member schools.  Items which are dismantled and sold as components to recyclers provide the funding to keep StRUT running strong.  Win, Win, Win!