We take all sorts of technology donations no matter how big or small.

The StRUT Program would not be possible without the collaboration of our donors and our local community.  We rely heavily on donations to support the programs and are working to expand the donor base to allow us to serve additional schools and provide greater resources to our

member schools.  The foundation of our program is technology donations.

Items We accept: 

    · Desktop computers (Old or Newer, we take them all!)
    · Laptop computers (Old or Newer, we take them all!)
    · Tablets
    · Cell phones
    · LCD Monitors (CRT monitors can be processed by StRUT for a $10 fee per monitor)
    · Keyboards / Mice
    · IPods / MP3 players
    · Printers
    · Printer and copier toner cartridges
    · Servers  
    · Digital cameras
    · Battery Back-ups
    · Networking and wireless devices
    · Hardware Components (including memory modules)
    · Other items (cables, software, audio speakers, carts, laptops accessories, modems, etc)
    · Bulk wire, used cables
    · Circuit boards, partial computers, or computer parts
    · Pretty much anything technology related. We can sometimes use office furniture, server racks, and we have a soft spot for odd or unique technology items which could be used by students as part of a curriculum.
    · Have something that is not on this list? Contact us!

What we don’t accept:

    · Home appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, etc)
    · Bulk Batteries
    · Toner refill tubes / containers
    · Tube TVs, rear projection TVs
    · Non digital cameras 
    · Records, Tapes, Video Tapes, Floppy disks