Students Recycling Used Technology (StRUT) is a not for profit organization that provides technology education, resources, and recycling to schools across Oregon.  StRUT’s backbone of operations is collecting used technology equipment to be redeployed for use in schools or responsibly recycled.
StRUT reuseable hard disk

Used Technology

Working with companies such as Google, Intel, Symantec, and OHSU; StRUT coordinates the pick up or donation drop off of computers and peripherals which have seen their end of life come to pass for the companies which originally purchased them.  Households, small businesses, and educational facilities themselves help round out our donation flow. 

Once the equipment reaches our secure facility in The Dalles, each piece is assessed for potential re-use. Old Computers, printers, monitors, keyboards and the like that don’t make the cut are set aside for recycling. Each piece of equipment that is designated for recycling is broken down into its component parts to be sold to recyclers. The money that StRUT receives for commodities like circuit boards and heat sinks provides the operating capital to keep our facility running.


Students involved in StRUT evaluate, repair, and refurbish different models of computers.  Units which meet Smarter Balanced/ PARC guidelines are prepared for redeployment in schools.  StRUT students gain valuable computer knowledge and hands on computer skills.  Member Schools receive allotments of computers and technology to be deployed for use in the schools with students.  Computers, large printers, servers, a wide array of peripherals, and even office furniture can be refurbished and loaned out to our members for use in their schools.  In this way, StRUT is helping schools to meet their expanding technology needs in a cost effective way.   

When the computers and peripherals reach the end of their second life at our schools, they are returned to StRUT to be responsibly recycled.  This ensures that each item donated to StRUT will reduce E-Waste in landfills and help to provide funding for StRUT!  


School groups join our staff to disassemble and sort components for sale as commodities to our local recycling partners. Our staff and student volunteers processed over 500,000 pounds of E-Waste in the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Our receiving facility is set up to take donations of used computers one at a time, by the small truck load, or up to 10 pallets at a time in our delivery truck (or even more in yours!). Our warehouse is an elementary school gym converted to meet Oregon DEQ E-Cycle standards for workplace safety and technological commodity storage. We channel the recoverable technology parts to reputable recycling partners with R2, ISO 14001, and E-Steward credentials to ensure that your donations are handled responsibly by vendors with third party accredited auditing.